About Colleen

Designing custom thumbprint, paw print and fingerprint jewelry.

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My emotional fingerprint and signature line is extremely special to me.

I lost my dad in 1979. I was very young and too young to have more than just a few memories of him. I’ve been designing jewelry for years but had always struggled to find a way to design something that would connect me to my dad.

I found that way several years ago when I found a note he wrote me signed, “Love Dad”. I was able to take his signature and make myself a pendant. It is my favorite piece of jewelry and makes me feel very connected to my father.

I can do the same for you and those you love.

In addition to signatures, I also take your loved one’s thumbprint impressions (or paw prints) and place them in silver and gold jewelry designs.

And because jewelry should be whimsical and fun, I’ve also got a cool line of wire-wrapped cocktail rings.